We have great discounts exclusive for membership status. To attain a membership status, all you need to do is fill our membership form and ensure you patronise our services at least three times.

Having a membership card gives you access to a wide range of services that satisfies all of your needs. We partner with hotels and airlines to give you the best benefits you can get by hiring one of our vehicles.

By holding a membership status, you get to accumulate points and miles that are redeemable in our partner hotels and airline services.

Membership status

  • Express Membership Status: with Express membership status, you get the following advantages

    • Hire a vehicle without formalities

    • Hire a vehicle quickly and easily

    • Bonus points

  • Corporate membership Status: this membership status entitles you to the following:

    • Express membership advantages

    • Rental portal to access all of our hiring services

    • Attractive rate

    • Vehicle coverage

  • Gold membership status: If you hold a gold membership status, you are entitled to:

    • Corporate membership advantages

    • 3% discount on car hire, 5% discount on limousine service

    • Should you forget to book, you are guaranteed of a vehicle reservation of your choice when you call 48 hours to hire.

    • Additional driver at no extra cost.

  • Platinum Membership status: you qualify for this membership status when you have at least 10 recorded patronages. The advantages include:

    • Gold membership advantages

    • Free vehicle upgrade

    • 24-hour notification to book a vehicle of your choice

    • Discount on limousine services

      Membership status is valid for SUVs and Sedans and does not include long-term hiring, special vehicles and trucks.