We offer long term vehicle hire at the best rate in the industry with Basic Protection Insurance and road tax at no extra cost.

Our charges vary with the choice of vehicle, location of your choice, and date of return. You can be sure of getting the best daily, weekly or monthly vehicle hiring rate from us.

For long-term hiring, you will be required to pay an initial charge for your first 30 days at $720 for every 30 days. You will be required to pay for subsequent 30 days charge at the same rate with the initial charge for your first 30 days.

If there is any need to extend your duration of usage, you will be charged at a rate different from the initial rate due to changes in the date of return.

Daily charges

  • SUVs and Sedan $X120

  • Minivans and cargo vans: $130

  • Trucks: $210

Weekly charges

  • SUVs and Sedan $530

  • Minivans and cargo vans: $621

  • Trucks: $870

Monthly (30 days) Charges

  • SUVs and Sedan $1100

  • Minivans and cargo vans: $1350

  • Trucks: $2560

Single long-term duration of 90 days at $O

Benefits of subscribing to our long-term hiring service include free valet every month to ensure that your car remains clean all through the month, change in vehicle model every month without incurring additional cost as long as you choose within the same class of vehicles.

We also charge based on mileage allowance

  • 840 miles: $48

  • 2,500 miles: $128

  • 3,360 miles: $300

If you desire to pay by mile coverage, tick in the box that allows you to choose mileage options while filling our form.

We provide a clear breakdown of all rates stated in your vehicle hire contract. For long long-term vehicle hire, there is an addendum indicating an initial charge for the first month.

There are discounts for weekly and monthly charges. We offer 2% discount for our first time customer and 5% discount for our regular customers. However, all charges are subject to terms and conditions.

We accept a wide variety of payment options ranging from credit cards to e-Wallet. Whatever your payment option, you are sure of getting your transactions done with us at no extra time or charges.