From SUVs to trucks, no matter your vehicle needs, we have got you covered. We have a wide range of vehicles you can hire on a long term basis. All you need to do is walk in and drive out.

We are in partnership with automobile manufacturers to bring to you the latest models with ultra-modern interior design.

We have a strict auto-renewal policy ensures that you get vehicles of less than 6 months old. So you get to choose from a wide range of new vehicles to serve your needs.

Our Fleet


Our SUV range of vehicles comes with power, seating capacity of 5 and luggage room for your luggage. Our SUVs are just the ideal range of vehicles you need for business or pleasure, no matter your needs, you’re going to find our SUVs fulfilling.

Our SUV range of vehicles includes:

  • Ford Eco Sport and other SUV in the same range

    • Seats: 5, Luggage: 3
  • Toyota RAV4 and other intermediate SUV

    • Seats: 5, Luggage: 4
  • Ford Edge and other vehicles in the same range of standard SUV

    • Seats: 5, Luggage:5
  • Ford Expedition or Similar SUVs ideal for family vacation or picnics.

    • Seats: 7, Luggage:3
  • Chevy Suburban and other SUV in the same range gives you a maximum passenger and luggage capacity ideal for large family outings.

    • Seats: 8, Luggage: 7
  • Infinity QX80 and other SUV in the same range of luxury SUV is just ideal to suit family or business purposes.

    • Seats: 7, Luggage: 3
  • Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Jetta, Ford Fusion and other sedans in the same range

    • Seats: 5, Luggage: 2, Transmission: Automatic.
  • Hyundai Elantra, Kia Forte, and other vehicles in the same range

    • Seats: 5, Luggage: 2, Transmission: Automatic
  • VW Beetle Convertible, Mini Cooper convertible and other convertibles in the same range. If you're thinking about leisure cruising, one of these ranges of vehicles will be just what you need.

    • Seats: 4, Luggage: 1, Transmission: Automatic, Doors: 2.
  • Toyota Yaris iA, Mini Cooper, Kia Soul and other similar sedans.

    • Seats: 4, Luggage: 2
  • Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent and other similar sedans.

    • Seats: 5, Luggage: 1
  • Mercedes-Benz Metris, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Pacifica and other Van in the same range.

    • Seats: 7, Luggage: 3, Transmission: Automatic
  • Jeep Renegade and other SUV in the same range. Ideal for cross country tour and safari.

    • Seats: 4, Luggage: 1

Thinking of accommodating a group of people up to 15? We have the right passenger vans/bus just for the purpose of accommodating a large group.

Are you planning to transport light goods? Our cargo vans are available all for transporting light goods.

You get to choose from an inexhaustible variety of SUVs, Sedans, Vans, minivans and so much more.


Do you need trucks for long term or short term projects, and retreats? You are sure of getting an ideal truck that suits your purposes from us.

We have the following range of trucks in our fleet

  • Small or light trucks like Toyota Tundra 2016 model, Chevrolet Colorado, RAM 1500 Tradesman, Nissan Titan S Single Cab, Toyota Tacoma SR, and other small trucks in the same range.

  • Medium and heavy-duty Trucks of Class 4 – Class 7 which are ideal for long haulage

All vehicles come with functional AC. Why not book a vehicle reservation with us today?